For information of our valued Clients & Customers

Extending any help in illegal transfer/transformation of any asset that has been directly or indirectly earned or acquired in legal or illegal manner is contrary to national interest and is punishable offence.

Hundi activities (illegal transfer of money) are harmful for economy of the country. Sending of money and receiving of money through Hundi and extending help in Hundi activities are punishable offence under Money Laundering Prevention Act.

In performing the illegal activities as stated hereinabove, the organizations are misused on many occasions by the dishonest people. Therefore, please extend your co-operation to the management by becoming more cautious in supplying and maintaining accurate and complete information relating to the opening of account, sending of money and in identifying the customers.

For crimes and offences under Money Laundering Prevention Act 2012 (with its amendments in 2015) and under Anti-Terrorism Act 2009 (with its amendments in 2012, 2013), the Court can issue judgement providing approved punishments and in appropriate cases can also issue orders for inquiry, imprisonment, crokes, imposition of fines, adequate compensation and can also issue other orders.

As per Money Laundering Prevention Act 2012, if any person knowingly provides any false information about the source of fund or about the known person or nominee of the Account Holder, he/she shall be awarded with maximum 3 (three) years of imprisonment or fine of Tk. 50,000/- (Taka fifty thousand) or both.

If any person makes any offence on money laundering or makes conspiracy or extends co-operation or assistance in such doing or provides any instigation or suggestion on any such matter, he shall be awarded with imprisonment for minimum 4 (four) years or maximum up to 12 (twelve) years.

To prevent terrorism and combating financing of terrorism, the Anti-Terrorism Act 2013 has been promulgated. As per this Act, financing of terrorism is a punishable crime and for this, highest punishment is 20 (twenty) years imprisonment.

Please extend your all out cooperation in implementing the Money Laundering Prevention Act 2012 (with amendments in 2015) and Anti-Terrorism Act 2009 (with amendments in 2012 and 2013).