Assurant Securities & Management Limited, a private limited company by shares has been formed and incorporated in 2018 by a team of highly qualified, well experienced and seasoned professionals including Dhaka University Professor. The team of sponsors and management of the company have long earned and well-built professional experience in dealing with and to arrange efficient running and management of all capital market operations including setting-up, manage and fairly run the stock brokerage business, engage and skilfully manage various stock trading operations, engage and manage authorized representatives to efficiently undertake and arrange execution of buy orders, sell orders, participation in IPO, etc. by legally complying all enforced rules and regulations of Exchanges and Regulators and by avoiding manipulations and taking into consideration the interests of its clients and investors above everything and, thereby to boost up the confidence of investors and clients.

Assurant Securities & Management Limited has got itself engaged in capital market operation and stock trading business at a very crucial but potential and promising time when the stock market Regulator and Stock Exchanges in the country have taken steps to widen and flourish the stock market with expansion and participation of resourceful investors and by expanding the economic activities in the country with opening up and expansion of activities of existing and new listed companies.

 Bangladesh economy has tremendously grown in last one decade and the growing is expected to continue in all sectors of the economy in coming days as well. To increase participation and contribution of capital market in the economy of the country, government has taken many steps including development of bond market to open diversified investment windows and have been arranging investment summits in many Arab countries, USA, UK, Switzerland and other countries.

 In last one decade, 130 Companies went public and arranged raising of capital through IPOs managed by 46 Merchant Banks. For sound development of capital market, recently government has formed Capital Market Stabilization Fund (CMSF) and has taken and is arranging to take away huge sum of money in the form of unpaid, unclaimed and unsettled dividend which were and has been lying in companies and banks for 3 years or more. Steps have also been taken to open separate BO Account under CMSF to take away huge unclaimed and unsettled Bonus or Right shares from companies and banks.

 To increase institutional participation in stock trade and to enhance liquidity support, a special fund worth Tk. 10,000 (Taka Ten Thousand) crores has agreed to be formed wherein Bangladesh Merchant Bankers Association has assured of injecting fresh fund worth around Taka two to three billion through the own portfolios of merchant banks. DSE Brokers Association has also assured to inject Taka ten million by each stockbroker through their respective own portfolio. The Securities Market Regulator has sought scope from government for investing undisclosed money in capital market by paying tax at a flat rate of 10%, to extend tax free limit on dividend income and sought tax exemption for Coupon bearing Bond like Zero Coupon Bond.

 CMSF is going to launch a new closed end ICB AMCL CMSF Golden Jubilee Mutual Fund of Taka one hundred crore. All these positive steps will definitely widen the capital market. Assurant Securities & Management Limited has also been favoured with enough scope to brighten its future by sincerely discharging its responsibilities and obligations in a growing capital market.

 The efficient, sound and dedicated management team of Assurant Securities & Management Limited has smoothly complied all its required formalities like commencement of trading activities, opening of Consolidated Customer Bank Account with cash clearing agreement with designated bank of Dhaka Stock Exchange PLC., opening Stock Dealer Bank Account, BO Set-Up acknowledgement of Central Depository Bangladesh Limited (CDBL) for Stock Broker DP Clearing Account, BO Set-Up acknowledgement of Central Depository Bangladesh Limited (CDBL) for Stock Dealer DP Clearing Account, E-TIN certificate of company, DP Registration Certificate by Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission (BSEC) in the name of company, Two years valid agreement for Head office to start trading activities, providing requisite Head Office, name of active Authorized Representative having Dhaka Stock Exchange PLC. ID to operate TWS of company etc.

 The company has been blessed with Stock-Broker and Stock Dealer Registration Certificates from Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) through Dhaka Stock Exchange PLC. (DSE) in January 2022 and have got DSE Trading Right Entitlement Certificate (TREC) No. 296 under Rule 7(1) of the Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission (Trading Right Entitlement Certificate) Rules 2020.

 A new but most promising company Assurant Securities & Management Limited which is an esteemed registered TREC Holder of Dhaka Stock Exchange PLC. has successfully completed its grand opening on 2nd March 2022 at 10.00 A. M at its Head office in 2nd Floor at Room No. 204 of Amin Court Building (now called Sena Kalyan Business Center) at 62-63 Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka-1000 which is the nerve center business hub of capital city.

 With continued positive efforts of Bangladesh securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) and the Stock Exchanges in the country, the role of capital market will expand further to increase its contribution in more strengthening the economy of the country. In this direction, Assurant Securities & Management Limited also has positive plans to further widen and increase its contribution in capital market operations.

 As an active member of Stock-Brokers and Stock-Dealers in Bangladesh and being under the blessed umbrella of Stock Exchange and Capital Market Regulator, the company has active consideration to open promising branches in all other important districts and city centres of the country as-well-as in hubs i.e. central points of other countries outside Bangladesh. This will further widen the role of its clients i.e. investors as well to remain involved in the economic development of the country.